Pratyush Pandya(non-registered)
Nice collection of natural landscapes combined with the wild life ! Enjoyed them all.
Enjoyed your classic car photos. My favorite is the one with yellow car reflections in a black car. Good eye to catch all that!
I still don't know why I can't leave comments to individual photos here.
Pratyush Pandya(non-registered)
LOVE your Barrio photos. The colors and compositions are in such harmony. Nice work!
Pratyush Pandya(non-registered)
Really like the new “look” of your site.
Wish I could leave comments on individual photos. Many of them deserve two thumbs up.
Brion Munsey(non-registered)
The American west is amazing, and your photos do a really good job of transporting the viewer. Your pictures not only stimulate the eyes, but the other senses as well. I could feel my feet in the wet sand on one of the beach shots. Nice work!
Dana Rae(non-registered)
I *LOVE* what you've done for our mud-run photos! Thank you, Joanne. This will be a very special birthday gift - I am so very fortunate to have such a talented photographer as a dear friend!
Susan Giuliano(non-registered)
Once again, very beautiful. I didn't see the chipmunk eating the muffin that John took though. And I liked the black leather chair that was in your hotel room. ha ha
Susan Giuliano(non-registered)
Your photo's are all beautiful sis. Keep up the great work!
Tammy Shamblin(non-registered)
Breathtaking photos, but I always knew you had a gift! Can't wait to watch your journey through photos!
Lovely photo's! B&W are extra special
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